President & Founder

Distinguished Awards:

2016 – Martin Luther King Legacy Award, Beloved Streets of America

2016 – Medal of Honor, Daughters of the American Revolution

2016 – Missouri House of Representatives and Black Caucus, honoring 10th Anniversary of Foundation

2015 – U.S. House of Representatives honoring work at the 150th Anniversary of the 13th Amendment

2003 – Community Service Award
(Community Women Against Hardship)

2007 – Freedom  Dred Scott Legacy Award
(Bott Radio Network)

2007 – State of Missouri Senate Resolution Presentation

2008 – Community Service Award
(Elijah P. Lovejoy Society)

2008 – Social Justice Award
(Spiritual Learning Center)

2011 – Edwin Hubble Initiative Medal Award
(Marshfield, MO Cherry Blossom Festival)

2011 – Racial Harmony Phenomenal Women Inductee
(Center for Racial Harmony, Belleville, Il.) 

2013 – Empowering Women Who Inspire Award
(Women in Vision, Inc)

2014 – National Women’s History Month Nominee
(National Women’s History Project)

Media Works:

Scripted —
Scripted website archives for

Written several past articles for small local newspapers

Developed relevant Jr. and Sr. High Sunday School Curriculum, for Antioch Baptist Church students; Co-authored with Superintendent and principal, Dr. John Nelson, 1985

Production —
Guest Co-Host of “The U” UMSL University Student Radio
Ecclectic, Classical, Retro Thursdays on “Space is the Place” with Steve Engelmeyer
(2011 to Present)

Wrote, hosted and produced PARRC Presents, a 30 minute apologetics show for cable television.

C-Spann with NAAG, 2007, Dred Scott Case, 2015

NPR for four interviews, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2016-17

Published —
The Dred Scott Activity and Coloring Book, Self-Published,
Printed by Really Big Coloring Book

Voice of Reason, newsletter to magazine publication with husband on biblical apologetics, 1983-87


Conferences —
“The Dred Scott Reconciliation Conference”, Dred Scott Heritage Foundation Presents the Sons and Daughters of Reconciliation, featuring descendants of Thomas Jefferson, Peter Blow, Dred Scott, Chief Justice Roger B. Taney and Jefferson Davis, St. Louis, MO, December, 2016

Annual Dred Scott Reconciliation Forums —
“Ten Years of Reconciliation”, April 2016, Marshfield, MO

“Promoting Reconciliation and Healing in Ferguson MO and Beyond”,
April 2015, Marshfield, MO

“Reconciliation in Sports”, April 2014, Marshfield, MO

“Jefferson Scott and Roosevelt”, April 2013, Marshfield, MO

“Black US Marshals, Dred Scott and Jefferson Davis”, April, 2012, Marshfield, MO

“Sons and Daughters of Reconciliation”, Premier Event, April 2011, Marshfield, MO

Events —
“Phenomenal Women in the Arts”, Black Women’s Entrepreneurial Network, 1995

“Panorama 79”, 3,500 Girl Scouts presenting at local outdoor shopping mall, St. Louis, MO, 1979

“Ford Motor Co Open House”, St Louis Assembly Plant, 1994

“Dred Scott Freedom Awards”, St. Louis, MO, 2015

Commemorate | Educate | Reconcile

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