Dred Scott Memorial Monument Dedication

The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation will dedicate a new memorial monument on Dred Scott’s gravesite, Saturday, September 30, 2023, at 11:00 a.m., at St. Louis’s Calvary Cemetery,

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Juneteenth Conference at Arch

The St. Louis Gateway Arch National Park is hosting the Gateway to Inclusive History Conference on Juneteenth, Monday, June 19, 2023, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Conference attendees will hear from representatives from theNational Underground Railroad Network to Freedom; the Reconstruction Era National Historic Network; and the African American Civil Rights Network and learn how to nominate St. Louis area sites to these networks.

Conference speakers include Barry Jurgenson, Midwest Region Program Manager for the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom;Nathan Betcher who is a historian with the Reconstruction Era National Historic Network; and Ariel Roy, partner historian with the Association for the Study of African American Life and History.

The conference also includes presentations from local groups and individuals working to commemorateAfrican American history in St. Louis.

2:00 Afternoon speakers will be include:Lynne Jackson from the Dred Scott Foundation,Linda Nance from the Annie Malone Center,Dr. Angela DaSilva from the Mary Meachum CrossingNetwork to Freedom Site, andVivian Gibson author of The Last Children of Mill Creek.

Kelly Schmidt, Postdoctoral Research Associate with the WashU& Slavery Project, and Elizabeth Simons, Community Program Manager with Great Rivers Greenway will moderate a roundtable about a potential African American Heritage Trail in St. Louis.

Attendees will include members of the National BlackMBAs St. Louis Chapter.Contact Michelle Perkins at 314-608-8846 for more information to join their group for a Juneteenth program at 1 p.m. that will end by joining the Arch program at 2 p.m.

The conference is free to attend, no registration is required.You will be required to go through security.

Please contact Pam Sanfilippo at pamela_sanfillippo@nps.gov for more information. 


This event is free and open to the public but registration is required. Click on the image below to register!

You can watch the panel discussion here:
No Tears Project St. Louis: Recognition Before Reconciliation Panel Discussion

Who is Sam Blow?
An original poem by Treasure Shields Redmond

Here is a most beautiful poem penned by Ms. Treasure Redmond Shields about Dred Scott as seen through the eye of his wife Harriet.  I am greatly appreciative of the sincerity and gentleness with which she describes who the composite man was.  Bravo, Treasure. 
And Thank You!
Lynne M. Jackson


Missouri Professional Communicators Event: Updating Public Monuments

Lynne M. Jackson, great-great-granddaughter of Dred and Harriet Scott, will lead a program about updating public monuments. Recent efforts of the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation, which she founded and heads, resulted in a $65,000 grant from the Mellon Foundation Monuments Project to construct The Dred Scott Memorial Monument at Calvary Cemetery.

She will be joined by Mr. Jody Sowell, the new President and CEO of the Missouri History Museum, discussing the new Thomas Jefferson panels.

Saturday, March 18, 2023
10:00 am
St. Louis Artists’ Guild
12 Jackson Ave, Clayton, MO 63105, USA


Groundbreaking A New Vision, St. Louis Old Courthouse

Faces of Dred Scott at the St Louis Law Library

Circuit Court Building March 7 – April 4 2023

Registration is required: https//:www.llastl.org/DredScottExhibit

New Science Fiction Reading Club

#ANewChapter: A Science Fiction Reading Club is the latest installment of Reading: A Civil Right, a division of the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation’s literature program.

The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation, The Imagine Society, and the Green Hill Juvenile Detention Center have partnered together and selected a Science Fiction Reading Club as our first collaboration! This February, we’re inviting all teen readers to celebrate the science in science fiction and how young people can positively impact their future! The reading club is an exciting new project for 2023 in The Imagine Society’s #ANewChapter and The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation’s “Reading: A Civil Right” campaigns uniting young readers across the country and beyond! The book selection features exciting classic and contemporary titles!

Science made it possible for robots to stroll through the canyons and craters on Mars, and for you to scroll through the posts and profiles on the internet. The study of science has led to amazing discoveries that have opened our world to limitless possibilities. It’s also part of the things that help us every day. Whether big like a black hole or small like a microchip, our present and our future are shaped by science. These technological advancements can help our world in extraordinary ways and other times may feel like they hurt us or hinder certain communities. This fall we challenge you to imagine YOUR future while reading SCIENCE FICTION!

THANK YOU Jeannie, Danielle, and Julie.

How can you get involved? It’s easy!

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