The Foundation

Our Mission Statement

To educate the public of the critical impact of the Dred Scott Decision and the struggle for freedom of Dred and Harriet Scott through commemoration, education and reconciliation.

Our Goal 

To promote the commemoration, education and reconciliation of our histories. These objectives overlap and are constantly being addressed in the various  opportunities we create and we are involved in to ensure that we never forget the struggle for freedom, citizenship and equality, with an eye towards helping to heal the wounds of the past.

 Our Purpose

The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation was established in June of 2006. Its first purpose was to support the acknowledgment of the 150th Anniversary of the Dred Scott Decision and support the attendant commemorative events that marked this momentous occasion. This includes the creation of a life size statue of Dred Scott as a memorial to the man and his cause to be located near the original site where Dred and his wife Harriet first filed their case, the Old Courthouse in downtown St. Louis. Anticipated for 2011. 

The second purpose is to be a vehicle for expanding the learning opportunities for individuals to be more educated about this case, its impact on slavery and the history of our nation. Under the umbrella of this foundation, a multitude of educational venues are being presented in 2007 by St. Louis community groups who have joined together as Friends of the 150th Anniversary of the Dred Scott Decision. A wide range of year long activities in 2007-2008 have broadened the understanding of all the facets of this case during it’s nearly 11 year ordeal.

Documentaries and media presentations are being planned for future teaching tools that will broaden the understanding of the facts and principles behind the history that lead up to the Dred Scott Case and other important events in our country’s past that make up who we are. They are also intended to help us define who we want to become.

The third purpose is to support the community as it proceeds to evaluate the lessons learned from the 2007 recognition. Many racial reconciliation issues continue to go unresolved and many successes go unheralded. The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation will use its resources to create venues to “Let The Healing Begin”™. Also, scholarship funds will be established for individuals planning careers in history, law, science and math.

Commemorate | Educate | Reconcile

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