Am I Not a man?

Using the historical accounts, putting in years of personal research, retracing the Scott’s journey and putting a very personal touch to this literary work, author Mark Shurtleff ‘s own personal passion for the story comes through like no other work, to give us a glimpse of the trial years Dred and Harriet’s family endured while waiting for the infamous verdict of 1857.  Few books are simply page turners, but Mark has created a riveting novel that has received high praise from all who have read it.  Go beyond the history and get deep and personal with Am I Not A Man, by Attorney General Mark Shurtleff. 

Mark Shurtleff Cover
Am I Not A Man, by Attorney General Mark Shurtleff. 

To purchase book, use the Buy Now button or send $15.00 each plus $4.50 shipping and handling to The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation, P. O. Box 2009,   Florissant, MO  63032-2009. Be sure to include your name and mailing address.

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