March 6, 2017 will mark the 160th Anniversary of the Dred Scott Decision.

To commemorate this milestone, we are expanding our online presence with the inclusion of our new site DREDSCOTTLIVES.ORG built on the Word Press platform.

The purpose of this upgrade is to benefit those who are interested in the work of The Dred Scott Foundation. Additional plans are to include a more robust “social media” stream via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By making our content more digitally agile, our goal is to make information seamless and readily accessible across multiple digital platforms and devices.

It should be noted our “flagship” site will remain in service as an archive resource of curated content specifically in reference to the Dred Scott family.

We welcome ALL visitors to our new site!

Keep current with the news of the March 6 events, click here to see the Historic Scott and Taney Meeting in Annapolis MD.



Photo: Mark Scott Carroll

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