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New Marker for Harriet Scott

Harriet Robins Scott is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in St. Louis.  For many years, her location was not known.  Mrs. Etta Daniels had the records and a few people knew but it was not revealed publicly until 2006 when Mrs. Ruth Ann Hager, a certified genealogist was doing research on Harriet and through several attempts concluding with a phone call to Lynne Jackson, she was able to narrow down the many Harriet’s to one, our Harriet at Greenwood.  This happened to occur in 2006, a year prior to the 150th anniversary of the Dred Scott Decision in 2007. As Lynne likes to say, “She wasn’t going to miss out  on the party!”

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Harriet Scott Memorial Dedication Gallery

Groundbreaking A New Vision, St. Louis Old Courthouse

First womAn voter

In recognition of the 19th Amendment, women from around the country shared the first woman to vote in their family and highlighted them for the FIRSTWOMANVOTER.COM campaign this August. Click image to view campaign.

project Say something

As a guest of Project Say Something and the University of North Alabama Office of Diversity and Institutional Equity, Lynne spoke at the University on Feb 25, 2019. Project Say Something of Florence, AL  is campaigning to erect a monument of former residents Dred and Harriet Scott in front of their local courthouse to contextualize the Confederate monument that has stood there since 1903. The Scotts were chosen after a year-long campaign to educate, raise awareness, and seek an alternative to the existing monument, which is protected by Alabama state law. The Scotts’ struggle for justice inspired the group; they believe the Scotts’ perseverance in their fight for freedom is an important reminder for future generations that justice is often a struggle.

Proposed statue of Dred & Harriet Scott by Project Say Something of Florence, Alabama