Minnesota Lawyer Article Excerpt from Dred Scott Descendant Preserves History

By Catherine Martin

‘You need to study this’

Jackson, who lives in the St. Louis area, gives talks for schools, universities, law firms and other organizations about details of the case she has uncovered in more than 20 years of research.

She has received numerous awards for her work, including the Medal of Honor from the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. It is the organization’s highest award.

Jackson first seriously started researching the history of the Dred Scott decision in 1995.

“I just felt like I should know more than the average person,” she said. “I think God was telling me, ‘You need to study this,’ and it made a lot of sense to me.”

It started as a project she worked on in her spare time. At the time, she had two young children, was working full time as a general services manager for the Bryan Cave law firm in St. Louis and was involved in a several other organizations.

Eventually, she compiled 15 large, three-ring binders of information about the history.


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