New Monument Celebrating the legacy of Dred Scott

Lynne Madison Jackson, President and Founder DSHF
Lynda Burgman, Grant Writer and avid supporter

On September 30, 2023  Dred Scott received a new memorial monument.  

It was for the occasion of the 165th anniversary of his death which was September 17, 1858.  As it turns out, that became Constitution Day!

The new monument replaces the wonderful headstone which has been there since 1957 and was donated by Mrs. Harrison of Pennsylvania, a descendant of Scott’s original owners Peter and Elizabeth Blow.

To share his legacy and impact on our nation, his great-great granddaughter, Lynne Madison Jackson and her Dred Scott Heritage Foundation, provided a new monument with the aspects of the Foundation’s goals of Commemoration, Education and Reconciliation noticeably visible.  The new memorial is in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO where Scott is among the top most asked for gravesites in the cemetery of over 300,000 persons.

Dred Scott Descendents
Pastor Rafael Green, Louise LeBourgeois, Brenda Young, Dawn Eden Goldstein,
Treasure Shields Redmond, Lynne Madison Jackson, Dred Scott Madison II,
Peggy Lewis LeCompte, Dr. David Konig, Dr. Kimberly Norwood
Dred Scott Board of Directors

Dred Scott Memorial Monument
Dedication Gallery 1
September 30, 2023

Dred Scott Memorial Monument
Dedication Gallery 2
September 30, 2023

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