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GIVING TUESDAY – Donors Like You Are the Answer to the Question

We are most thankful for each and everyone who has joined us in our mission this year in person and in heart!


Dear Friends,

Increase your influence on the next generation by joining us this year for the annual event, Giving Tuesday.

Our world is changing at a rapid pace. The work of the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation is committed to remembering the past (Commemoration),

telling this and the next generation the facts (Education),

and modeling restored relationships that lead to a more peaceful and unified community (Reconciliation).

Along with many educational programs and speaker opportunities, new reveals and grateful recognitions, it will prove to be another extraordinary year….. AND with friends like you, we will succeed!

This Giving Tuesday, we would like to give to anyone who donates $100 or more, our new Special Edition Cover Dred Scott Pocket Constitution in commemoration of the 165th anniversary of Dred’s death in 1857 on September 17th, (Constitution Day)!

If you have donated in the past, we hope you will continue your gracious giving.

If this is your first opportunity to participate in Giving Tuesday, we invite you to be a part of uplifting this sincere work and accept our heartfelt thanks!

* Donate from this site
* Donate via check made to DSHF – send to:
DSHF P O Box 705, Florissant, MO 63032-0705

Thank you for standing with us!

Lynne M. Jackson
President and Founder
“All things are possible, only believe!”

Thank you for befriending us!

We invite you to become a Friend of Dred Scott…

Explore the facts about The Dred Scott Decision and share them with your family, friends and community and learn about those who have been affected by this landmark “decision” throughout history..

The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation welcomes your pledge of a contribution to advance our outreach and advocacy efforts.

Thank you in advance for your tax deductible donation to The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation. Please mail your payment to:

The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation
P. O. Box 2009
Florissant, MO 63032-2009

— OR —

For your convenience, we’ve provided a link to our private PayPal account below. Thank You.